Become a Facilitator

Project Ready facilitators are special people. Not only are they Certificate IV TAE-qualified, but they have experience with youth and group facilitation which enable them to deliver Project Ready in a relational, engaging and personalised way.

Project Ready Facilitator Accreditation – becoming a facilitator

Before you start

  • Obtain your Certificate IV in TAE40116, qualifying you to become a VET trainer and assessor
  • Obtain your WWCC & police check (for trainers employed by a LLEN)
  • Gain a current First Aid qualification (for trainers employed by a LLEN)
  • Complete a Trainer Skills Matrix (TSM): provide certified copies of your qualifications and demonstrate vocational competency to teach the Project Ready units of competency

Along the journey

Attend the following professional development:

  • Project Ready training (zoom or F2F option): trauma informed education, the Project Ready relational pedagogy, neuroscience of the teen brain, delivering Project Ready (compulsory, funded by CRLLEN).
  • Group Facilitation training (zoom or F2F option) (compulsory, funded by CRLLEN). Youth Mental Health First Aid Training (optional, funded by CRLLEN)
  • LGBTQIA+ competency training (optional, funded by CRLLEN)
  • Disability competency training (optional, funded by CRLLEN)
  • Cultural competency training (optional, funded by CRLLEN)

What support do I receive from the Project Ready team?

Our Project Ready support team will provide ongoing curriculum, compliance and wellbeing support to all facilitators including:

  • A regular facilitated Peer Learning Circle (PLC) – a statewide communty of Project Ready facilitators.
  • Regular check-ins from our support staff.
  • CRT relief twice a year to allow you to conduct 1:1 catch-up sessions with students.

Your Role

Project Ready facilitators have the ability to bring a group of students together to form a safe group space where real personal growth can happen.

The aim of the facilitator is to guide, mentor and coach students through the Project Ready journey to the end where students have succeeded in developing the skills set out in the program.

Facilitators participate in Project Ready facilitator training and embody the principles described in the Project Ready facilitator position description.

Project Ready Relational Pedagogy

As a student-centred program, Project Ready is all about relationships, trust and mutual connections. It works!

The foundation of a successful Project Ready group is the establishment of trusting relationships between the facilitator, mentors and students. Facilitators delivering Project Ready must work towards building strong relationships with all students so they feel safe enough to learn, grow and develop.

The environment that is created in Project Ready is non-judgmental, non-authoritarian, non-punitive and safe.

For more information on the pedagogical approach of Project Ready, download the Project Ready Relational Pedagogy flyer.


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