Ready. VET. Go!

Get VM VET-ready with Project Ready – a hands-on work readiness and personal development program that incorporates VET Certificate II in Active Volunteering. 

Project Ready was first developed in 2017 by Central Ranges Local Learning and Employment Network to re-engage students with their education and prepare them for the future worlds of work.

Since then, Project Ready has been redeveloped to meet the needs of a wider range of students. It is the ideal VET offering from the community services strand to enable schools to meet the requirements of the VCE Vocational Major.

Project Ready is also beneficial for students who have not yet developed the work readiness skills required to successfully transition into further education, training or the workforce.

Who are we?

Central Ranges Local Learning and Employment Network (CRLLEN) is a not for-profit organisation that brings together schools, government, businesses and the community to improve education, training and employment outcomes for young people within the Mitchell, Murrindindi and Macedon Ranges local government areas. Our aim is to make the outcomes for young people ‘everyone’s business’. 

CRLLEN is one of 31 Local Learning and Employment Networks across Victoria. Victorian LLENs are a Victorian Government initiative managed through the Department of Education & Training.

Project Ready is an initiative of CRLLEN with the purpose of assisting young people to transition successfully from year 12 (or an equivalent) to further training or employment. Project Ready is available in all Victorian schools through CRLLEN and other Victorian LLENs.

Project Ready aims

Project Ready supports students to become work and life ready by:

In 2019, CRLLEN engaged LaTrobe University to independently evaluate Project Ready against its objectives. The research confirmed that the program is effective in achieving its aims.

Read the Project Ready Evaluation Report

  • Building ‘groupness’; a safe group space where students feel comfortable to share and personally develop
  • Helping them discover their unique skills, strengths and passions in order to plan for their career
  • Helping them understand possible training and work pathways through a range of career development and industry engagement activities
  • Introducing them to design thinking theory
  • Building self-worth, confidence and resilience through personal development activities, volunteering and community involvement
  • Improving their communication skills and teaching them workplace communication
  • Helping them understand how to work effectively with a diverse range of people
  • Teaching them work readiness skills, such as the job application process
  • Training them in stress management, mindfulness and goal setting
  • Teaching them project development, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills
  • Teaching them OH&S skills
  • Facilitating work placement opportunities (Structured Workplace Learning – SWL)

VET units of competency

Project Ready is a full-year VET program mapped against the CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering. The program is auspiced by AST (TOID 4603) and delivered by a TAE-qualified trainer (known as the Project Ready facilitator), sourced by the school or one of the 31 Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENs). The facilitator has specialist facilitation skills enabling delivery of the Project Ready curriculum using our relationship-based pedagogical approach.

7 Units of Competency (CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering)




Communicate in the workplace


Be an effective volunteer (20 hours of community project work is required which also counts as SWL)


Participate in workplace health and safety


Work with diverse people


Plan and prepare for work readiness


Develop personal effectiveness


Participate in practical placement with support (work experience/SWL)

PLUS additional Project Ready non-assessed units:

  1. ‘Groupness’ – working in a group
  2. Design thinking theory
  3. Enterprise & entrepreneurial skills

The CHC24015 Certificate II in Active Volunteering component of Project Ready is delivered via Access Skills Training – TOID 4063. 

Students are enrolled in a Certificate II in Active Volunteering and receive their certification via AST.